What cyclist

are you?


Our innovative, style-savvy accessories are designed to enhance your riding experience, whether you’re a pro or casual rider. Here is a guide to which Hornit cycling accessories we recommend for your ride.

Mountain Biker

Use Hornit CLUG to store your MTB or to create a useful washdown station. We have three different sizes to fit mountain bike tyres between 1.8 - 3.2’' (43mm and 81mm).

Road Cyclist

We have a range of products to keep you safe on the roads including, the dB140, the world's loudest horn, as well as the Hornit LITE, the world's brightest horn. Don't forget to pick up a CLUG Roadie. This simple storage solution is designed to fit tyre width 23mm - 32mm or 1” - 1.25”.


Safety is a priority on your morning and evening commute. Which is why we have created the world's loudest bike horn - the dB140 - and the world's loudest bike light - the Hornit LITE. Designed to alert distracted drivers and pedestrians to your presence, these products put you firmly in control of your own safety.

Leisure Rider

The coolest accessories for you and families cycling adventures. The kids will love our stylish and fun helmets, lights and horns and us adults will no longer have to worry about storage with the ingenious CLUG. Everyone’s happy!